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October 14, 2012

For third time this year, Cowboys have 13 penalties. Witten: 'Yeah, it killed us, man.'

The Cowboys had 13 penalties, 10 on offense. Six were pre-snap. Nine occurred in Ravens territory. Three were in the red zone. Three defensive penalties were declined, including two one play – Torrey Smith’s 19-yard touchdown catch before halftime.

It was the third time this year the Cowboys had 13 penalties in a game.

“Yeah, it killed us, man. It killed us,” tight end Jason Witten said. “We’ve got to eliminate it. That’s what we’ve been saying all along, but you’ve got to find ways to do it. We work on it in practice, do all those things. But you just keep putting yourself out there. It’s just too hard to overcome. The odds say you’re not going to have a chance to win those types of games.”

Romo blamed the loud road environment and attention to detail.

“We just need to have the details right,” he said. “When we do the details right, we can be a pretty good offensive unit. So far, in the games that we’ve lost, we’ve not done the details well.”

The Cowboys had three illegal shift penalties.

“A couple of them were really a result of guys just trying to move into a blocking situation, to block maybe a secondary force,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You have to be clean with that, because you never know if somebody else is going to be moving, too. So we just have to be better at that. the pre-snap penalties certainly hurt us, but I thought we did a good job just continuing to battle and giving us a chance to overcome.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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