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October 02, 2012

Garrett breaks down the Romo turnovers, calls Briggs interception a ball knocked loose

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett described the turnovers from quarterback Tony Romo in Monday night’s game against Chicago. He characterized the giveaway that Lance Briggs returned for a touchdown as a ball that got knocked loose, not an interception, and he said the last two picks were the result of trying to get back in the game.

Here is Garrett talking about the turnovers in Tuesday’s press conference at Valley Ranch:

“I think we saw the same things on tape that we all saw last night. The first interception was a miscommunication with our quarterback and our receiver not seeing the leverage in the coverage of the corner the same way. Tony thought Dez was going to run a hitch, Dez saw it as press coverage, and he adjusted and went deep around the corner, and Tony had to cut the ball loose. There was pressure by them, and they just didn’t see it the same way, and that resulted in that interception.

“The second interception was to Ogletree. We were down in the red zone, moved the ball down in there. What they do on defense is they, you have to be really efficient throwing the football underneath them over and over again, and they are going to contest some plays. And it was a contested throw to Kevin, and the ball got in on him, and the ball bounced up off of him. Hard to tell if the defender got his hand in or not, but that was a scoring opportunity for us that they created a turnover on.

“The third one, Tony climbed the pocket against some pressure and was really just trying to get up in the pocket versus some edge rush, and he climbed up in there, and as he was pushing the ball up, the ball got knocked out, and Briggs intercepted and ran it back for a touchdown.

“So if you look at those three plays, two of them directly resulted in touchdowns for 14 points. The other was in the red zone, which we assumed was going to be at least three points, possibly seven points. Those three plays, it was a 21-point swing for us – against us – for them. At the end of the ballgame we were down three scores, and Tony was aggressive throwing the football down the field trying to make a play, and I think that was the cause for the last two interceptions.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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No way to sugarcoat it Garrett. Romo had five turnovers whether they were interceptions or fumbles. He can't protect the football. When will Jerry and you figure this out? Romo's time as our starting quarterback is fast coming to an end.

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