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October 29, 2012

Garrett cites "tremendous amount of urgency" for team in wake of Giants' loss

With his team at 3-4 and chasing a division leader (New York Giants) with a 6-2 record, coach Jason Garrett said Sunday’s game against Atlanta (7-0) takes on added importance if the team is going to rebound and make a playoff push.

“There’s a tremendous amount of urgency for what we’re doing,” Garrett said. “Each week’s game is critical. This is a big game for us.”

_ Jimmy Burch



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Ya see?!! All these commentor fans know what to do. Why doesn't Jerry Jones? Because he sucks as a GM!! That's why. He doesn't have the guts to demote Garrett to OC and promote Ryan to HC. It's also obvious that these players from the top on down are just playing for a paycheck. If they were playing to win they wouldn't keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again that cost them games that they otherwise should have won.

No message has been sent to this team yet. Fire or bench or demote somebody!! Even the ball boy for crissakes! Bench that bungling ole Ogletree. Or bench Free. Or bench Vickers. Or bench Dez. Or bench Romo. Please bench somebody. You only have to bench one of the above players to send a Jimmy message to this goofy team and shock them out of their collective coma.

Lose Sunday and Jerry should seriously think about pulling another..'Suck for Luck'..as Indy did last year. But this year Jerry's mantle should be..'Whiff for Smith'...Geno..that is.....

Garrett here is the prescription for you to turn all this FRUSTRATION around. 1. Bench/Sack Felix Jones. This guy is NOT a football player. Get rid of Felix Jones he lowers the team's aggression and energy !!! 2. Start BOTH Tanner & Dunbar. Phil Tanner I recall bowled Ray Lewis out of the NFL just to illustrate how tough Tanner is. Dunbar could become another Darren Sproles BUT he must be given a chance to get REGULAR carries and touches of the ball. 3. Run the ball consistently 25-30 times at least most games and especially to start games off. Then introduce the passing and screen game. 4. Use screen plays to Murray Tanner & Dunbar. MIX IT UP a la Belichick. 5. Use JAMES HANNA IN PLACE OF BRYANT. Hanna is rangy and very fast use Hanna like Belichick uses Hernandez and Gronk. 6. Use TWO TE SETS A LA BELICHICK WITH HANNA & WITTEN BOTH HEADING DOWNFIELD. HANNA WILL BE WIDE OPEN AS THE DEFENSE DOUBLES WITTEN & AUSTIN. USE BRYANT TOO IN A SOMETIMES SPREAD OFFENSE ATTACK. 7. GET RID OF BARRY OGLETREE and replace him with Cole Beasley OR Dwayne Harris on 3rd down options and as third receivers. There Garrett....... here is the path to redemption.

Give it up. Not give it up as in quit on the season, but give up the idea of the playoffs.Two weeks from now, the team will be 3-6 with some difficult games still to come. [2 with skins,
@cincy, steelers, saints wont be easy and a 2nd game with philly and they always want to beat Dallas]

This season has 7-9 written all over it. A special thanks to Jerry Jones. That loser has totally ruined a once proud and successful franchise.

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