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October 14, 2012

Garrett explains game management before the field goal


The end of the Ravens game on Sunday when the Cowboys tried to run another play but couldn’t before a failed 51-yard field goal by Dan Bailey had many question coach Jason Garrett’s clock management.

Dez Bryant caught a pass with roughly 16 seconds left at the Baltimore 34 and the Cowboys had a timeout left. The ideal situation would have had the Cowboys run a play to get in position for a closer field goal and then call a timeout.

But the quarterback Tony Romo led the clock run down and the Cowboys called a timeout with :06 left to set up the field goal.

“What we were trying to do there is what we talked about before the play,” Garrett said. “We had one timeout left so we had the ability to throw inside and Tony was going to get them on the ball as quickly as we could, knowing that we had one in our picket. We just took too long for everybody to get unpiled, so it got down into single digits. So we said ‘take it down to the four seconds and bang the timeout’. We couldn’t get it run as quickly as we wanted to.”

Clarence Hill


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and the qb has nothing to do with this mess?! cmon guys, 9 has to do a better job of making sure "his" team is ready for the next play. why not remind the players in the huddle what has to happen? i blame the qb, who is the field general, for this mistake. i see every other qb in the league yelling and coralling players all of the time, 9 stood there staring at JG and the ref "duh, what do i do next?!"

Inexcusable is correct. This is the NFL Jason Garrett and you need to learn how to coach in it. Us Cowboy fans are getting sick of coaching errors and the excuses that follow. You are flunking and JJ would send you out the door if you weren't such a Yes man.

Garrett shoould be given an option, either he is the coach or the offensive co-ordinator. Shouldn't be allowed to try both.

This is the same mistake made from the AZ game last year. Inexcusable. For a Princeton grad, he is not ready for primetime.

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