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October 19, 2012

Garrett likes Tyron Smith's run-blocking on left side and his work with Livings

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is impressed with second-year tackle Tyron Smith’s run blocking on the left side and his work in concert with veteran guard Nate Livings.

Last week, the Cowboys found success running behind them. Felix Jones scored on a 22-yard run to the left side.

For the season, the Cowboys have been best running left. They have 50 carries to the left side for 266 yards, an average of 5.32 yards a carry. They have 43 carries to the right side for 169 yards (3.93), and 28 carries up the middle for 63 yards (2.25).

“He’s such a good athlete – you see that in his pass protection, quick hands, quick feet, can redirect, can regain his balance when he’s off balance and still block a guy,” Garrett said of Smith, who moved to the left side this year after spending his rookie season on the right side. “You see that in his run blocking as well. He’s very good at the end of a down, he stays on his feet a lot, and those guys playing next to each other is a real positive thing.”

Garrett said Livings has been a good influence on Smith and that their communication is getting better.

“Those guys playing next to each other is a real positive thing, and the more they play next to each other, the communication becomes second nature,” he said. “They see things that happen just before the snap at the same time without having to make some formal verbal communication, and then you start playing better and better. I think we saw that last week against Baltimore.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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The problems with the Cowboys offensive line this season started way before Jerry signed free agents. It started when the brain trust at Valley Ranch had Doug Free and Tyron Smith switch sides. Smith was a rookie last year learning the right side and then he was moved to the left side this year. That's TWO learning spots for Smith in two years. If they wanted Smith to eventually end up where he's at now..at left offensive tackle. Jerry and Garrett should have put Smith on the left side from day one. As for Free? He got a new contract a year or two ago and he's still below average.

Pure B.S. The run game against Baltimore improved because Costa played center and the center position was no longer the weak focal point of the defense's attack. Put Cook back in at center and the O-line will collapse from the center in and no more running game.

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