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October 03, 2012

Garrett pleased with Claiborne's efforts to be a more physical NFL cornerback despite allowing TD pass against Bears

Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne, the sixth overall pick in April’s NFL Draft, surrendered his first career touchdown pass in Monday’s loss to the Bears, a 34-yarder to Devin Hester. Coach Jason Garrett said his rookie has responded well to the situation and he’s pleased with his learning curve, particularly Claiborne’s efforts to be a more physical player against NFL receivers.

“We’ve talked to all of our players about the importance of playing through success and playing through adversity. You have to do that at all positions. You have to do it most particularly at the cornerback position,” Garrett said. “Because guys are going to complete passes against you. You just have to keep battling. I think he’s done a really good job of doing that throughout the early part of this season. He did that in the game the other day. I think he’s playing more physically, which is a good thing. He’s understanding more and more the importance of being a physical corner. You saw him force a couple of runs and make some plays in that ball game. All of that stuff fits together. He’s understanding how to play at this level better and better every week.”

Claiborne has been targeted 15 times this season, according to STATS, Inc., allowing 10 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown. He is tied for 58th in the league for receptions allowed.

The Cowboys' other starting cornerback, Brandon Carr, has been targeted 14 times, allowing six catches for 149 yards and a touchdown.

Claiborne said he remains unfazed about giving up his first career touchdown at the NFL level. 

“Playing corner, you have to have a short memory. Guys are going to catch balls and catch touchdowns," Claiborne said. "It all depends on what you do after that play. You can’t just shut it down."

In terms of his increased physicality, Claiborne said: “That’s been on of my focal points, to get more physical. Just try to put my hands on receivers as much as I can and show up in the running game. That’s something I’ve been stressing and working on in practice.”


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We need a new General Manager! Get this one out. Such a little man hiring badly and destroying what could have been one of the greatest Football Franchises since the nineties.

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