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October 15, 2012

Garrett says he can tell players they're going to be 'off the football team' if they continue to be penalized

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said it’s his responsibility to eliminate penalties and that he can threaten jobs, even in the salary cap era.

“Certainly, you have the option of saying, ‘OK, if you continue to get penalized like this, you’re going to be out of the lineup or you’re going to be off the football team,” he said.

The Cowboys committed 13 penalties Sunday, the third time this season they have hit that number.

“Ultimately, it’s on me,” he said. “I have to make sure that we're not a highly penalized football team, and that's everything that we do here. It’s my responsibility, and if we're not doing it right on Sunday afternoon, somehow, someway, I’ve got to make sure we do it right.”

Garrett was asked at his Monday press conference why the message doesn’t sink in.

“Sometimes that happens in coaching,” he said. “You have to try and continue to get that message across and when you convey the values you think are important and the different, whatever it is – techniques, approaches you think are important – and oftentimes, over the course of time, if you say it the right way or get the right guy to do it, those messages eventually sink in.

“I think those are messages about that across our football team, and I know we've been talking about the importance of running the football all year long and doing that better and not having minus runs and you've heard me stand up here and say that for a couple of weeks now, and yesterday I think was a good example of continuing to be persistent with the message, and it sinks in, and you do it that way regardless of penalties and some other things on our team.”

Garrett said he sees some of the pre-snap penalties in practice, also.

“I don’t see them in practice as much,” he said. “I see them more in the game. Some of the physical penalties you have in regards to maybe a hold late in the down or in Felix’ case, a chop block, you’re not going to have those happen in practice. But the mechanics penalties, I think we do a good job emphasizing those things. We have officials at practice. We try to continue to make that emphasis. We just have to carry it to the game and handle that situation better.”

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maybe if the qb got up to the LOS and ran darn play rather than trying to play peyton manning, we wouldn't have so many false starts. maybe if and when he changes the play he gives the wr's time to line up or set? oh wait, he has to snap the ball becuase there is 1 sec left on the clock. quit trying to be cute and run the flippin play!!! any defense can run up, show blitz or a different look and 9 immediately changes the play, run the darn play that is called, i gurantee you will see less penalties.

Finally Garrett is putting the onus on himself..as head coach..to get this team to focus and play up to their abilities. That's a start. I'll believe it when I see it though.

Garrett needs to utilise BOTH James Hanna & Cole Beasley in the offense. Ogletree is too lazy and has really had just the single game. Along with Tanner & Dunbar, Hanna & Beasley will give the Dallas offense un real shock weapon and allow plays to be called which will be foreign to the defenses. the run game needs to continue to feature 3-4 backs and Garrett needs to continue to cut and pound the football.

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