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October 02, 2012

Garrett says team understands his intensity, he doesn't have to rant and rave to get Cowboys right

Jason Garrett said it’s not his style to rant and rave to get his team’s attention.

He says they already know his passion.

“I think anybody who knows me – coaches and players on our football team – knows the passion and intensity I have for this game, and for coaching and teaching, trying to get this team right,” he said Tuesday at his press conference, asked if now would be the time to throw something or bang a table.

“If you’re around these walls, in these meetings, around these practice fields and together, and in an intimate setting on this football team, I think they understand my intensity,” Garrett said. “Jumping up and down on the sidelines is not really my personality, but certainly intensity and passion for the game is, and for trying to get this team right.”

Garrett said a coach can’t change who he is.

“You have to be who you are,” he said. “A lot of different coaches get it done in a lot of different ways. A lot of great coaches in all sports, you see a variety of personalities. You see guys who are really quiet, guys who are cerebral, you see guys who are ranting and raving all the time and throwing stuff at officials. There’s a whole gamut of guys, and people have won a lot of different ways. The one thing I would say is that I can’t imagine any of those guys won trying to be somebody else and someone that they’re not.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Why do you care what Garrett thinks, he is not Head Coach. The Head Coach makes decisions who will play and what role, Jerry Jones is the Head Coach. He decided Felix would NOT be traded, nor would his role be diminished I never listen to Red J he is Jerry's puppet to be face of team to media.....

This team knows that Garrett is Jerry's puppet.

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