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October 10, 2012

Garrett will be watching for stamina and communication against Ravens' quick tempo offense

Jason Garrett said stamina will be important for the Cowboys as they match up against the Ravens’ uptempo offense.

That and communication.

“The communication is critical, both with the personnel that they’re using and what we’re going to do to match that, matching their tempo and being able to communicate as quick as they communicate,” Garrett said. “There’s a stamina part of this thing as well. You have to be able to keep up with what they’re doing, and the thing you have to understand is, the offense is working at the same tempo, so they would have some similar stamina issues.

“But I think communication is key.”

Garrett was asked if the quicker tempo will affect how the Cowboys use Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer as they come back from injuries.

“I don’t know that it impacts it that much,” Garrett said. “I think your point is well-made, how you continue to stay on the ball if they’re out there. But we do that a lot. Most teams in some ways, shape or form, will substitute in some of these no-huddle situations, because if you can match that, you have an opportunity to do that.”

Garrett said the Cowboys have been hit-and-miss with their own attempts at playing uptempo and snapping the ball early in the play clock.

“I don’t think we’ve had a huge issue with that,” he said. “At different times this year, we’ve played with a faster tempo and we’ve had good results with it, and sometimes not so good results with it. We’ll keep working that into our offense when we think it’s appropriate. I don’t think that’s been an issue for us, though.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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