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October 15, 2012

Here is a video of the Cowboys receivers walking about to the huddle. Just pathetic



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the one, thank you!! dont blame this entirely on the wr's. 9 is supposed to be the field general, the leader, why wasn't he hurrying the team to get back to the huddle? he just stood there on the field staring at the ref and JG, like he was lost. he should have reminded everyone in the huddle, called two plays, and made sure everyone gets up, lines up and ready for the snap. this qb is no leader or field commander, time to move on. play orton...we need to decided if 9 is worth signing, imo no way. his inability to read defenses is sad, he's the best reactionary qb in the league. time to move on!

For those who are criticizing the receivers for taking their time getting back to the huddle after that last pass to Dez. Did it ever occur to you guys that maybe they assumed a timeout would be called by Garrett or Romo? Yes..there should have been a sense of urgency from the receivers. But to try and deflect blame from Garrett and especially Romo is just plain asinine. Garrett and Romo have been together for six, seven years. They were in the exact same scenario yesterday as they were in Arizona last year. And for the second year in a row. Neither of those dim wits knew what to do. Simply unacceptible..in my eyes.

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