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October 28, 2012

Jerry Jones, Cowboys react to first-half boos

The boo birds nestled at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday afternoon, coming out in full force during the first half. They booed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo loudly, getting more and more vocal after his three interceptions in the first half.

But the most memorable boos came when owner Jerry Jones was shown on the big screen. It was an awkward moment in the stadium, as Jones was delivering a promo on breast cancer awareness.

“I know that our fans didn’t connect that sensitivity at all,” Jones said. “I know they didn’t. And I share their frustration and understand how it’s directed to me. I just understand that.

“I was disappointed that we were playing like that. I didn’t anticipate us coming in here and playing like that. I thought we had a great chance to beat this team. But we can’t expect to play like the reason that I was getting booed and have an opportunity to come back at the end of the game and win it, although we almost did.”

The boos were nothing new to Jones, who bought the team in 1989 and promptly fired Tom Landry.

“There’s never been a honeymoon for me here in Dallas,” Jones said.

Romo heard the most amount of boos in his time with the Cowboys.

“I would have booed us too,” Romo said. “We deserved it at that time. We did not start the game the way we wanted to.”

-- Drew Davison


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PLEASE Jerry the Owner do us fans a favor and fire Jerry the GM!

Jahrry, if you love this team at all, please step down as GM and hire in a GM that actually knows something about football. Release or trade everyone except for Witten, Murray, and Ware. And let the new GM run the team. This is getting real embarrassing. You say you love the cowpucks, then prove it. Let those that know do!!

Apparently he's forgotten the 5 year honeymoon from 1991 to 1995 when he was winning the Super Bowls

get out of the gm spot, jerry. you aren't any good. why do you hate the Cowboys so? just walk away. let someone else do the coaching, drafting and so on.

i know jerry jones admired al davis. well, last time davis did anything good for his team was win Super Bowl xviii. i think this general manager/owner longs to have the same fate for the Cowboys. he should be booed time and again... and he should do no promos for breast cancer, if he wishes to help it the same way he has helped the cowboys.

Jerry, most of the true Cowboys fans despise you.

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