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October 27, 2012

Jerry Jones says being owner leaves him free to risk losses as GM: 'I can ... come back for more'

One of the reasons Jerry Jones has job security as the Cowboys general manager is that he believes he is free to take risks, also being the owner.

“That is one of the luxuries of my position as owner as well as the ultimate decision maker, general manager and president – I can do that and take the losses and come back for more,” he said this week at Valley Ranch, talking about his management style.

“I have won with that style,” he said. “We are not managing a widow-woman’s retirement account here. In other words, to compete, I think we need to be aggressive. You play the game, you manage the game that way. You take some risks. When they don’t pay off, they look bad. That has happened.”

The conversation began when reporters asked Jones why fans are divided about quarterback Tony Romo. Jones said it goes with the position, with the Cowboys, and with their image.

“We have a pattern of that. We have a precedent of that,” he said. “Aikman didn’t have to have it long because he won it pretty quickly, to his credit. He played at a high level  quickly. His predecessors had it, certainly with Roger Staubach. You had it with Danny White. And you had it as far back as Don Meredith. It was so intense, that the criticism probably contributed to an early retirement of Don Meredith.”

Asked why Cowboys quarterbacks get such criticism, perhaps more than quarterbacks on other teams, Jones said, “We push a lot on the table with the Cowboys. Picture going to Las Vegas and putting an inordinate amount on the table with every hand. We do that, and I am a part of that. When you do that and you don’t have the right hand, then you subject yourself to a lot more criticism.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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I don't blame the qb. i blame the gm. this is the man that stuck with wade as a head coach. garrett should have inherited parcell's unit right away. but no matter who coaches.... as long as jones wants to run a football team, it will continue to fail no matter what. jimmy johnson did all the coaching and all the drafting... jones... well... jones is just bad at it all. agreed... had he simply let johnson do things we'd have more rings than the steelers today.

JJ is in dreamland as the other commentors more than aptly state below. I did not know that JJ made all the decisions when the 'Boyz won all those SB's in the '90s. I thought Jimmy made all the personnel moves, did all the coaching, wrote the playbook, and ran the team top to bottom. After Jimmy won the two SB's JJ figured he learned enough about how to build a winning team from Jimmy that he'd just kick Jimmy out the door, plagerize Jimmy's playbook, and start getting the glory for drafting great players who would continue to win SBs under JJ's dictatorial control.

Never quite worked out that way huh JJ? You found out Jimmy knows more about football and football talent in his pinky than you and your family will ever know in a million years. You can't plagerize great minds and then expect your mind to begin to work as great as the genius mind you just stole from. You can't spend 5 years under the same roof with Picasso, then kick Picasso out the door for good, then think you can now paint as good or better than Picasso. It doesn't work that way JJ. You can't become a genius through osmosis. You either are an artistic genius or you aren't. Oh you might be able to become a nice second or third-rate little local artist who creates nice little simplistic paintings that sell for $200 or $300 a pop, but, your paintings will never sell for $50 million a pop. Oh you want them too. You dream that they will one day soon, but, alas your dream of being a football genius are futile. As futile as most kids childhood dreams of one day becoming Superman are. You can put the cape on but you'll never be able lift a mountain over your head or fly faster than the speed of light.

In the same way, being as good as Jimmy is at coaching and drafting is nothing more than another futile dream for you JJ. Give it up. If you don't give it up soon, you are going to inflict irreparable damage onto this once proud franchise. We absolutely cannot afford another 10 years of your delusional thinking and poor team management. We've suffered enough. You've suffered enough--unless of course you are a sadomasochist.

Jerry Jones has not been a winner while acting as GM. In the early 90s Jimmy Johnson was in charge of all personnel. They won once after Jimmy was gone and it was because the same talent was pretty much still in place. (At least all the core guys) So, Jerry shouldnt be taking any credit...he has been a complete failure. A loser as a GM. The saddest thing: his team, his family, fans of the team, would have at least one more Super Bowl by now...maybe 2-3 more Super Bowls if he just stayed completely away from the team and had football people running things.

Jerry is still in La-La-Land when it concerns his ability to put together an NFL team on the field. The only Owner/GM who would stay with a quarterback going on ten years who has but one playoff win during that time. Yep...you sure are winning with that formula...lol.

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