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October 02, 2012

Jerry Jones says he remains optimistic because Romo turned it around last year, Giants did, too

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he is disappointed in his team’s 2-2 start, but he is not ready to give up hope because he still has Tony Romo and because the Cowboys have the example of the New York Giants from last year.

“I’m tempered by the fact that it’s early in the season,” said Jones in the hallway outside his offices at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters. “I’m tempered by the fact the world champions last year won nine in the regular season, lost their first two and at one point were behind by two games.

“I’m tempered by the fact that we are 2-2 along with the rest of the league. I like Bill Callahan what he is doing with the offensive line. We played as well with offensive line as we did the last three games. But I’m not trying to say I’m happy at all. I’m disappointed.”

Jones said he thinks Romo is going to bounce back like he did last year after a bad start.

“I like where we are with Romo at quarterback,” Jones said. “No one learns more from his experiences than Tony. This time last year with Detroit in the fourth game. He came back, never played better. I think the Detroit game had something to do with that. If we can get the same kind of response he had last year when he had a downer, if he can come back and do that we will be fine.”

Coach Jason Garrett agreed in his press conference.

“Tony did a great job last year coming out of some games early on in the season just saying, ‘I’m not going to make those plays anymore,’ ” Garrett said. “I think he went a stretch of 11 or 12 games where he threw one or two interceptions. So that’s the way you have to play quarterback in this league, and he understands that, he understands that better than anybody. He’s done it, and he has to do it again for us.”

Last year after four games, Romo had five interceptions and three fumbles. He threw five interceptions and had three fumbles the rest of the season.

-- Carlos Mendez

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After last night's performance by Romo and this team. It's pretty obvious that nothing has changed at Valley Ranch. Garrett is in over his head and Romo is well...Romo. What else needs to be said other than the fact that Jerry is still in La-La Land in his belief in both Garrett and Romo. What a joke...

Jerry Jones must stop making comparisons to the NY Giants. The Giants are blessed with one of the best ownerships in the NFL. The Giants have a GM that has shown that he can find find some real gems in the draft. The Giants have a head coach who will be inducted into the HOF. The Giants have a QB who time and time again makes clutch throws in crunch time.

Please, stop the madness.

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