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October 21, 2012

Jones backs Garrett's conservative turn on fourth-quarter third-and-9: 'He did the right thing'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said going with a run on third-and-9 to set up a go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter was the right way to win the game.

“I thought that was conservative and the right way to win the game,” he said. “I would like to see the game put away right there, but there are many things that we all would like. That’s in the name of just winning it right there.”

The Cowboys owner said he wouldn’t second-guess the call by coach Jason Garrett for a run on third-and-9 from the Carolina 15 with the Cowboys trailing 14-13. Phillip Tanner gained 5 yards, and Dan Bailey’s field goal put the Cowboys ahead 16-14 with 3:28 left.

“He did the right thing,” Jones said of Garrett. “He completely shifted it over to the defense and said – which the defense has done once – but he basically said, ‘OK, defense, win it.’ And to their credit, they did.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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of course he did the right thing. when you have a qb who is known for throwing interceptions in key situations you go conservative to try and win the game. JG has lost his trust in 9. over the last 4-5yrs the only thing that hasn't changed is the qb and of course JJ, and we all know he aint going anywhere. until we make a change a qb, this team will remain a .500 ball club. the changing of plays at the LOS, is a reason we have so many penalties, just run the play, quit trying to be PManning...he constantly changes into plays with bad results....not to mention the lame DC we have.....94 in coverage?! really!?

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