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October 08, 2012

McCray says it's just 'one block here or one person there' holding back Cowboys on returns

Danny McCray said he is surprised how little the return game has produced for the Cowboys.

“For as hard as we work? Yeah,” the Cowboys safety said Monday at Valley Ranch as the Cowboys got in a bonus practice day. “It’s by far one of the hardest positions, or hardest phases, of the game.

“I mean, we’ve just got to keep working at it and get it there,” he said. “It’s always, if you ever look at the film, it’s just one block here or one person there. It’s not really just the whole team messing up. ... If one person doesn’t get their block, then it just looks bad.”

The Cowboys rank 28th in punt return average and 25th in kickoff return average.

On punt returns, the Cowboys are averaging 6.0 yards. On kickoffs, it’s 21.5.

The NFL average this season is 10.1 on punt returns and 24.7 on kickoff returns.

-- Carlos Mendez

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No! If Felix wouldn't run into the back of his own blockers, something he has done repeatedly this season, he'd have a lot more yards on kick-off returns. RBs are supposed to be able to cut. If Jones can't do that anymore, he's of no use as a RB. Even I can see that!

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