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October 03, 2012

No changes up front, Cowboys to go with same struggling line

Coach Jason Garrett said the Cowboys will not turn to personnel changes during the bye to improve the team’s failing offensive line.

 That means that struggling right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau will not be replaced by veteran backup Derrick Dockery, nor will center Ryan Cook get a look there if Phil Costa is able to return from a back injury.

 "We like the five guys who are playing up front as we talked yesterday," Garrett said. "I think collectively as a group they blocked that front fairly very well, particularly in the passing game the other night against Chicago, and Mackenzy is apart of that. Like everybody on the football team, it can get better. He watched the tape this morning and there's some areas where he can improve and he's got to keep working at it. It's nice to have a guy like Dockery sitting right there where we feel like he's a guy who has some experience and we're certainly confident in his ability to go out there and play." 

 Bernadeau has gotten a lot of attention because of he was one two free agents added in the offseason to improve the line and he has been a problem not a solution.

 But according to a team source, the newcomers are not the only problems up front as veteran right tackle Doug Free, who is also the highest paid member of the line, is struggling as much as anyone.

 Clarence Hill


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I agree with you, TheOne, to a point. With the way Free and the $30 million dollar FA saloon-door twins (yes, they block people as well as a pair of free-swinging old-west saloon doors) have been playing, JJ could reach up into the Cowboy Stadium stands and grab any two 350 lb beer drinkin' 'Boyz fans and they could perform better on the O-Line than these two bums.

This Cowboys O-line is an easy target because of their collective horrible play so far 4 games into this season. But when that red-headed wimp tells us through the media that our O-Line has been playing "fairly very well", that's when I and millions of other Cowboys fans get MAD! NOOOO! Red Football Dummy, they have NOT been playing well at all--they've been horrible.

Even that excellent Tyron kid hasn't been immune to making more bad plays than usual for him--an oddity since he has shown such great skill so far and should only get better and better. So what's happen' with Tyron? Why is his play dropping off?

I’ll tell you why. He knows that the defense is getting through to his right and so he keeps instinctively peering to his right causing him to take his eyeballs off his man right in front of him for just a split second. That’s enough time for Tyron’s man to make a move to Tyron’s left and get around him to make a tackle or pressure Romo. Tyron is peeking to his right because he rightfully does not trust his O-Line teammates and instinctively wants to help them.

He will not admit it to the media or the team. He’s good kid. A great teammate. A great player. So I’ll say it for him---Tyron is thinking, in split second bursts, that if he can knock his man off the line or onto the ground in one beat (one thousand one) he might be able to knock a LB and a D-Lineman beating his teammate to his right off course and give Romo a second or two more.

Bad O-Line play is causing Smith to try to do too much so he ends up looking bad too. With Free—I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He played meaner 3 years ago. Now that he’s been paid he seems to just be happy playing pitty-pat with LBs and D-Linemen who are desperate, mean, nasty, and want to kill Romo and Murray. He also seems non-chalant about the snap count. I guess lots of money does make you fat, happy, and leisurely.

Larry Allen and Erik Williams are the only O-Linemen I’ve ever seen who got meaner the older and richer they got. LA would drive a player into the ground because he took offense at a guy who thought he could hurt LA’s QB or RB. And a D-Lineman could beg LA to please ease up because the D-Lineman had kids to feed. LA would just tell them to get a life insurance policy.

As for Big-E—I don’t even want to go there. Big-E absolutely hated ALL defensive players. It got to the point that no one, and I mean no one! would line up directly opposite Big-E. I’m not lying—look at the film—in it you will see a lot of times NO ONE lined up opposite Big-E on the end! I’ve never seen that before or since! And it wasn’t the other team’s scheme. They were actually scared to line up opposite Big-E!

I don’t care how big and strong you were, if you lined up opposite Big-E and you looked into those blank, monster-like eyes staring at you with destruction written all over them, suddenly you wanted your Momma because 6’6” & 350 lbs of angry muscle—not fat, Big-E wasn’t fat—was going to pound you into unconsciousness.

Nate Newton? Big Nate was so big and powerful that he absolutely could not afford to play as mean as LA and Big-E played. He had to be a somewhat nice guy or defenses would not even come out onto the field to play against him, LA, and Big-E.

Could you imagine being a LB or D-Lineman and having to line up against LA, Big-E and Big Nate in their prime? I would have become an offensive player or quit. It is an absolute fact that the reason we won those 3 Super Bowls in the 90’s was because of LA, Big-E, and Big Nate. No one else.

3 years ago Free drove those same type guys into the ground just like LA, Big-E, or Big Nate used to do. Now? Either he’s playin’ hurt or somebody’s been slipping him some Prozac ‘cause he ain’t playin’ mean any more.

The Cowboys don't have any choice but to roll with what they have. You play with who suits up.

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