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October 12, 2012

Spencer officially listed as questionable, likely out for Ravens game; look for Albright to start

Linebacker Anthony Spencer practiced on a limited basis on Friday as he continues to struggle with a strained pectoral muscle.

He is officially listed as questionable for the game against the Ravens Sunday but he will likely be held out as the Cowboys will continue to be cautious with Spencer to avoid it becoming a season-ending injury.

Spencer has not played since the Tampa Bay game three weeks ago. He sat out the Bears game before last week’s bye.

“That’s a longer injury than people realize,” Ryan said. “It’s up to a six-week injury, I’ve heard, or even longer. That’s a big thing. He’s working hard every day, but he’s just going to have to get well. Once he is we’ll play him, but if he’s not we obviously can’t do it even though the kid wants to play. We just can’t do it.”
Look for Victor Butler and Alex Albright to alternate in his place against the Ravens. Albright will likely start in the regular defense with Butler handling pass rush duties.

This will be Albright’s first game back after missing the past two games with a neck strain.

"It’s a good opportunity for me," Albright said. "I’m really excited about it. Vic might come in or Kyle Wilber might come in. We’re such a strong group that once someone goes in, it’s all about the team, and they have the support of everyone."

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@TheOne: Since when has Jerry ever done the sensible thing?? Jerry will continue to waste a roster spot on non-contributing bench riders ala: Matt Johnson, Felix Jones, Spencer, Costa,etc. Until he fires himself as GM and hires a REAL GM to run his team we (the fans) are doomed to have a mediocre team fielded year after year for us to root for and rant at the ineptness of Jerry "Glory Hole" Jones.....

Spencer can't seem to be able to get on the field because of his injury. This has got to play a significant role in Jerry not resigning him once this season is over.

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