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October 01, 2012

Tony Romo has been a turnover machine this season, with 10 in four games

The Cowboys won't win many more games if Tony Romo continues to turn the ball over at the rate he has so far. Though several of the turnovers weren't his fault, Romo has 10 turnovers in four games. He has thrown eight interceptions, one in each of the first three games and five Monday night. He had only 10 interceptions last season.

Romo lost two fumbles against the Bucs last week. He had three all of last season.

"I can't try and do too much," Romo said. "I tried to do that too much tonight, and going forward, I just have to do my job, and I will."

Romo has eight turnovers in the past two games. His five interceptions Monday night tied a career-worst. He also had five against Buffalo in 2007, a game the Cowboys pulled out a dramatic victory. 

The Bears returned two of Romo's interceptions for touchdowns. It came 364 days after another NFC North team, the Lions, returned two Romo interceptions for touchdowns. On Oct. 2, 2011, Detroit linebacker Bobby Carpenter went 34 yards for a touchdown, and cornerback Chris Houston followed with a 56-yard touchdown.

“The No. 1 factor is taking care of the football,” Romo said. “I know that. We preach it to the guys every day. It’s obviously frustrating. I was the one that turned it over tonight.”

-- Charean Williams


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In fact, the whole tone of this piece perpetuates the idea that Romo is the problem here. I know you can't break down QB play like this all the time, but this season so far, if you take away the INTs that are clearly errors by his receivers, you don't have a lot to complain about in his numbers. If you peel that back, you've got an article that doesn't really address what seems to be the core issues of the Cowboys.

I know you mentioned "several weren't his fault" but if you're going to do a fair assessment of the Cowboys problems how can you stop there!!?? Their play deserves a more thoughtful analysis of the problems. It was clear to me that the receivers and Tony's surrounding cast (Off Line) are more of a story than you hinted at in this article. It's seeming more to me like a systemic problem for the clubhouse.

dallas does everything but win. and romo and bryant are over paid losers.

parcells saw romo was a loser years ago. jerry jones did not.

bryant is a dumb field hand and looked like it all night. and while jerry jones had a full house, his cowboys stunk up the joint.


a good high school team could beat the cowgirls.

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