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October 10, 2012

Vickers not afraid of Lewis, Ravens: "Names don't scare me" and he's "coming with it" on Sunday

Fullback Lawrence Vickers didn't take kindly to Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis saying that the Cowboys should think twice about trying to improve their woeful running game in Sunday's matchup.

"That's just the way he feels," Vickers said. "I don't remember him being Whodini or anthing like that. He is entitled to his own opinion and if that is how he feels, that's cool too. Kudos to him." 

Asked if he is ready for Lewis on Sunday, Vickers said he is ready for Lewis and whoever else between the white lines on Sunday.

"You see me I stay ready for whoever," Vickers said. "Names don't scare me man. Teams don't scare me. I'm a man before anything. So I let other men just talk. See me in between those lines. That's how I get it down. Like that."

Vickers said he has played Lewis and Ravens twice a year since he has been in the league. He respects Ravens and Lewis. But has never backed down and won't on Sunday when he says he will be coming with it.

"He is Ray Lewis that's all I know," Vickers said. "That's all I know. I don't judge players by other people. I judge them how they react toward me. You can feel in a blank on that one. I played against them my whole career.

"I'm still here, standing tall, still mean, still stiff. They are going to have to jump me. You feel me. They are going to have to jump me man. That's what it's going to be. I'm coming with it. They know I'm coming with it. I know they’re coming with it. Let's meet in the lines. That's just how it goes."

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Vickers afraid of Lewis??

Come on....only way anyone may be afraid of Lewis is if he and his buddies are crawling out the back of a limo with a knife in his hand....

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