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November 07, 2012

Blame Stephen Jones? He'll take it

Jerry Jones has gotten plenty of blame for the Cowboys' 3-5 start. Jason Garrett was booed at the last home game. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have been targets of the fans' wrath, too. But executive vice president Stephen Jones said the finger can be pointed at him, too.

"You got to have thick skin to work in this world,” Stephen Jones said on KRLD-FM. “At the same time, they’re being critical of [Jerry Jones] and in my mind, they’re being critical of me. I talk him into a lot of the things and work with him and suggest a lot of the things that we do that he gets the blame for. I guess because I’m the backup quarterback, if you will, then I get a pass on all of it, which it shouldn’t be. …I know people may think that Jerry just sits up there and puts his thumb in the air and says, 'This is what we’re going to do.' But it’s far from that. I’m very, very involved, and I have a big influence.

“Obviously, Jason [Garrett] is, obviously Tom Ciskowski and our scouting department is. There’s a lot of influence that goes on and rarely is there a situation that there’s not a consensus derived. On the very few times that we just can’t come together on something than he’ll be the tiebreaker on it.”

Jones, though, said the Cowboys aren't far away from being a good team and are headed in the right direction.

-- Charean Williams


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Try as you might Stephen. You have nothing to do with the state of this once proud franchise. It's Jerry's incompetence in evaluating talent..Jerry's thinking a guy with no previous head coaching experience on any level could be a head coach of a NFL team..Jerry's continued thinking an undrafted free agent quarterback who no one bothered to draft could lead this team back to prominence after being here going on ten years now. This team is in the pits and they have been there for the last few years and are not showing anything towards trying to dig themselves out. This is on Jerry..Garrett..and..Romo. You..Stephen..are just along for the ride to futility.

Way to try to take the hit for your old man. Sorry, but Jerry is to blame. He is the man pretending to be an NFL GM. He is awful. Worst GM in the NFL.

And how can anyone that has the slightest amount of knowledge about the NFL say that this team is heading in the right direction??

The only 2 places that this team is getting close are secondary and linebackers. I'm talking aboiut having quality talent that also has WINNING type players. Sorry, but Miles Austin and Dez are LOSING players. Nice stats and then at critical moments they fail.
And thats the same with Romo. RB's we have a high-draft stiff in felix jones and an injury prone guy that cant be counted on. O-line is bad and Jason Witten lifts it to bad, without him it would be brutal.

Get real. Watch Jeff Fisher build the Rams. Thats how a football team is run.

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