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November 29, 2012

Callahan says Cowboys aren't running a lot, or well, because they're not running a lot

The Cowboys are now last in the NFL in rushing and on pace to set franchise lows for attempts and yards.

“I hear that. I hear that,” offensive line coach Bill Callahan said Thursday at his weekly meeting with reporters at Valley Ranch.

So why is that?

Callahan said it’s because of the score of the games. As the Cowboys have fallen behind, they have given up chances to run as they go to the pass to try to come back.

“No. 1, I think there is about five or six games where we just haven’t had the number of rushing attempts that we would like to have, and I’ve always believed that your rush attempts and your completions really sets the tone for what you do in terms of your success formula,” he said. “So saying that, I look at the second half production, I look at how many runs we’ve attempted in the second half in some of these games, and they’re not very many. Those attempt numbers are down, and any good running attack that I’ve been around, the years that we’ve led the league in rushing at the various places I’ve been at, it’s basically kind of a war of attrition where you wear down an opponent and your attempts increase in the second half.

“But a lot of your production arises out of your second-half performance. So we start off the games, and we’re running it and you’re trying to get in your groove and rhythm. And then you’re kind of thrown out of kilter because you’re behind pretty quickly and you’re in a catch-up mode. So things change.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been inspired by the New York Giants’ championship run last year. Callahan apparently has, too.

“From a franchise perspective, being last in the league in rushing, I’ve never been there. We certainly don’t want to be there, but I look back at last year, and I look at the New York Giants – they were 32nd in the league in rushing and they won the Super Bowl,” he said. “It’s a function of what you’re doing. It’s circumstantial to a lot of respects, and it’s not for a lack of will and wanting to run the ball. I know we want to that. We’ve just been kind of thrown off of kilter in some of these games that we’ve been involved in, which really, if you have the low attempts, you’re obviously not going to have the production.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jason Garrett is such a failure as head coach/off coord of this team.

People wonder why the Dallas running game is bad, well just think about some of the people involved:
A loser GM that signs castoffs for the O-line and commits big money to a complete dog in Doug Free. A head coach/off coord who is clearly in over his head yet wants to try to show people how much of a genius he is with the passing game, a # 1 back that is proving to be nothing but injury-prone, and a number 2 back that is a complete stiff.

Does all that add up to a poor ground attack?

Listen then Ace of Hearts Fraud J. Garrett DOES NOT WANT TO ESTABLISH ANY TYPE OF RUNNING GAME. NONE AT ALL. Even if a team falls behing say 3-7 at home you do not panic. Watch New England games & learn. Often this season Belichick was losing e.g against Buffalo and then BANG he hits them with 20 or so running palys using DIFFERENT backs and different sides of the field to run into. Result? He ends up putting 200 + rushing yards and 49 points on them after being down 14-7. that is PROPER COACHING AND COMMITTMENT TO RUNNING THE BALL.

Blame Garrett and his quarterback for a lack of run plays. Garrett calls two or three run plays early. And if they get stuffed on those run plays. Garrett gives up on the run game and we have Romo throwing 65 passes the rest of the game. And we keep losing games....

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