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November 28, 2012

Cowboys are getting off to a slow start, having been outscored 134-73 in the first half

The Cowboys have been outscored 134-73 in the first half of games this season. It has been even worse at home, with Dallas getting outscored 81-30 in the first half of its five games at Cowboys Stadium. In the past three home games, they have been outscored 64-13, all three losses.

The Cowboys have led at intermission in only three games this season -- all three wins -- and they were tied at the half in Atlanta.

"We haven’t started fast enough in all three phases," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "That’s a real simple answer. Typically on offense, our issue has been there have been some third downs we haven’t been to convert early on and then they’ve had some success against us moving the ball and scoring some points. It hasn’t been as much of a turnover thing as it was earlier on in the year. It’s just we’re not getting the conversions when we need them, and that’s what we need to do. We just need to be able to execute those ball plays to keep drives going and give ourselves a chance to score some points."

-- Charean Williams


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Go to a quick snap count. It's the delayed snap count that causes our own guys to jump all the time.

Also, it seems Romo has to kill every other called play. Why is that? What is Garrett seeing (or not seeing) that the play he calls has to be changed so often? Maybe Romo needs to call the backup play first, then change to the original play if necessary.

This statistic, along with the sweeping critical injuries plus the continuous flood of penalties, is precisely why Garrett CANNOT under any circumstances be retained. People need to come to grips with the realty of the situation: Garrett is an incompetent fraud who cannot game plan motivate or make successful in game adjustments. Nor does Garrett WANT TO RUN THE FOOTBALL. The absence of any regular run game is precisely because Garrett DOES NOT WANT A RUNNING GAME. If garrett is retained then Dallas will be like San Diego & The Eagles who both should have fired their HCs aseason ago. Romo will me done and 3-13 or 4-12 will be the next step in Garrett's tenure. Garrett is like plasticene - fake & weak.

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