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November 18, 2012

Cowboys offense continues to struggle

The Cowboys offense scored the fourth-most points they have scored this season and needed overtime to do it. That tells you everything you need to know about where they are offensively.

Dallas continues to struggle putting points on the board. They entered the game averaging 18.6 points per game offensively -- not counting the three return touchdowns they had against the Eagles -- and now is averaging 19 points per game.

The Cowboys had 311 yards Sunday against the Browns after having only 68 at halftime, while trailing 13-0.

"Obviously, you want to play better," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said. "The expectations are higher than that. Having said that, something about us to find a way to make something happen and get that win. But we need to continue to play better. The standard for us and what we need to do offensively is a lot higher."

The Cowboys continue to struggle running the ball without DeMarco Murray as they produced only 63 yards on the ground on 21 carries. Felix Jones, who was bothered by a left knee injury in the first half that he played through, had 43 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries. Dallas' longest run was a 12-yarder by Jones when Cleveland had 10 men on the field.

Tony Romo was sacked a career-high seven times, though he passed for 313 yards and a touchdown. He lost one fumble, the Cowboys' only turnover.

"We had some ideas up for this week, obviously, and they did a good job stopping some of those in the first half," Romo said. "They got great pressure. They did a good job of making the ball come out. I had to throw a few just away from a couple of guys to be safe with the pressure, with the way they played defensively early in the game. I thought we just battled and kept getting better as the game wore on, and then we got some good stuff.

"We’ll go watch the tape. I know that’s the group we went against. They did a good job. The D-line over there plays hard. I think that it’s just, we obviously would love to do better than we ended up doing out there, but it’s not just on [the offensive line], it’s on a lot of guys. We’ll use this as a tool to get better and keep going."

-- Charean Williams

Twitter: @NFLCharean




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Yep, you're right, Scottmaul. Official stats crew screwed it up. They had the Cowboys scoring with 2:01 left. I reported it to the Cowboys after seeing your comment, and they have since fixed it. You can take credit.

umm... the game ended with 6:13 in OT... not sure how they "needed an extra 12:59 in overtime to do it"

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