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November 05, 2012

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones amplifies on pre-game comments about his role as GM

After a 19-13 loss to Atlanta that considerably dimmed his team’s playoff hopes, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones amplified on comments he made to NBC about firing himself as the team’s general manager because of the team’s extended mediocrity over the past 16 seasons.

Sunday’s loss dropped the Cowboys to 3-5 for the season. Since the end of the 1996 season, the Cowboys have a 123-126 record in regular-season games and a 125-133 mark overall (including 2-7 in playoff games). Dallas has won just one playoff game in the last 16 seasons.

In a pre-game interview, Jones told NBC’s Bob Costas that he would have fired the team’s general manager by now if he did not hold the job himself. After the loss to the Falcons, Jones explained his thought process in attempt to clarify what he said to Costas.

“What I really meant was that one of the things you do is, if you’ve got a GM and, in this particular case, he owns the team, you go in and work on (the man in) the mirror,” Jones said. “I don’t know if that came out on the interview. We talked about it quite a bit.”

During the NBC interview, Jones acknowledged he would have fired a GM with the type of record Dallas has produced over the last 16 seasons “because he was there to dismiss.”

Jones also told NBC: “I’ve always worked for myself and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. But certainly, if I’d had the discretion, I’ve done it with coaches and certainly I would have changed a general manager.”

Asked Sunday night about whether the man in the mirror is the right GM for the Cowboys, Jones said: “When I bought the team, the night I bought it, I said I would be doing what I’m doing and that’s GM of the team and making the final decisions on our personnel. That’s the way it’s always been done (in the Jones era). We won three Super Bowls doing that … I know the best way to make decisions for us and that’s the best way. I know that’s what motivates me as an owner and causes me to basically do the best job that I can.”

_ Jimmy Burch



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Precisely what GLORY and EGO/PRIDE does GM/Coach/Dictator Gus Jones get from stewarding & watching BUMBLING MEDIOCRITY ON THE FIELD??? This is iDIOTIC to say the least!!! If this was FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, or Man United, New England Patriots et al GM Jones would be hunted out of the club. Yet weak Dallas Cowboys fans suffer & suffer because of this dope's "EGO" & "PRIDE". How can these concepts even exist when you manage and fund a team that is failing and you are being continually abused and put down??? This is all extremely idiotic and millions of supporters of the other big time football clubs I mentioned above would be FURIOUS and IN REVOLT at the mental state of their leadership if they were anything like GM Jones. Where is the REVOLT to this idiot???

Jerry Jones is looking at his past during the Cowboys SB runs of the 1990’s through rose-colored glasses! Those SB teams of the 1990's were put together and coached by Jimmy Johnson! Jimmy had final say on all player and coach personnel. At the end of the 1994 SB season, Jerry’s monstrous ego had had enough .

He wanted more glory than Jimmy’s shadow was allowing him. After all, Jerry paid these players and coaches. Didn’t Jerry also deserve to be able to tell the world that he drafted and hired them and that he decided who sat on the bench and who played at the least. 500 coaches could coach Jerry’s mighty teams, but only one person had the brains and vision to draft players, sign free agent players, sign coaches, and decide who rides the bench and who plays every Sunday—Jerry Jones.

Jerry couldn’t coach. He knew that much, but, he could discredit the coaching profession with his “500 coaches” sound bite gem setting up his coming brilliant “grab-for-glory” equation he would later hatch onto the Cowboys Nation like a fool’s gold goose egg that would come to symbolize the Cowboys achievements from 1996 on under Jerry Jones sole rulership.

After spending 5 years with the maestro, Jimmy Johnson, something goofy was percolating underneath Jerry’s grey rug of a scalp-and it wasn’t football brilliance. After the 1994 season Jimmy Johnson was getting in the way of Jerry Jones newly hatched equation to ultimate fame and glory for himself—draft +sign + bench + play+ HC Goat = the square root of insanity.

Jimmy Johnson was the Architect and Construction company that built and trained those SB teams. Jerry was, and still is, the banker who funded Jimmy’s actions back in those halcyon days. Jimmy bought the groceries with Jerry’s checkbook. A checkbook, mind you, equally important to the tasks of selecting and coaching players.

Jerry built up the Dallas Cowboys brand to its current multi-billion dollar net worth. Jerry did hire Jimmy Johnson in 1989. Jerry Jones deserves credit for that and, therefore, deserves secondary credit for the putting together those SB teams of the ‘90’s. Jerry will never deserve primary credit. It is delusional to think otherwise. And that’s the crux of the demise of the Dallas Cowboys—what Jerry thinks and what is reality.

Inexplicably Jimmy has allowed JJ to go around spouting off for the past 16 years about how he as Jimmy’s equal helped think up unloading Herschel Walker for draft picks Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Erik Williams, Darren Woodson, Daryl Johnston, Mark Stepnoski, etc... The past 16 years of Cowboys draft failures prove otherwise.

Do you think the Cowboys would have had 16 years of mostly draft ineptitude if Jimmy Johnson had still been the Cowboys coach and GM from 1996 to 2012? Jimmy probably would have created draft day trades and other brilliant moves that would have landed us Eli Manning or Drew Brees or even Tom Brady etc…and not the QB bums we got. Jimmy would have found a way for us to get LaDainian Tomlinson or Steven Jackson or Arian Foster or even Adrian Peterson etc…not the bums we got.

I could go on with examples of dozens of other NFL players from 1996 on that went on to NFL greatness that Jimmy liked at draft time, but that Jerry had no clue about. However, I don’t have the energy or time. And, no, you cannot say hind sight is 20/20—what I’m saying is Jimmy would have drafted several dozen or more of those great 1996-2012 players because he was on record that he loved them when their individual drafts were getting ready to occur.

So that means he would have drafted these winners since he liked them before they went on to NFL fame and glory, and, it also means Jimmy would have built about 4 or 5 more SB winning Cowboys teams from 1996 thru 2012. What’d we end up with from 1996 on? You guessed it—nothing. What this ultimately means is that Jimmy, not Jerry, knows NFL talent. Period.

Jimmy even tolerated a deluded JJ spouting off to anyone who would listen about how he, not Jimmy, found all the great free agents of those stupendous SB teams of the '90's--players like Charles Haley, Jay Novacheck, etc.

Jimmy even enigmatically permits Jerry to take credit as an equal for helping coach those players up during those SB runs for glory. Yes the cantankerous Jimmy even goes so far as to go silent whenever Jerry spouts off about having been the one who was the great decider on who would play and who would sit during Jimmy’s tenure with the ‘Boyz.

Jerry Jones has even gone so far as to boast that he did it all over Jimmy’s demure objections. How did Jerry do it? Why, by being the one drunk on all the ownership power. That’s how. However, intelligent Cowboys fans know better.

I wish supposed "high-level" sports journalists like Bob Costas had the cojones to ask Jimmy this question: "Did you or did your old boss, Jerry Jones, put those 1990's SB teams together, coach them, and decide who starts and who rides the bench?" That question has never been asked of Jimmy because no one as of yet, as far as anyone knows, wanted or wants to put Jimmy on the spot like that. Jimmy seems happy joking around and frolicking with his Fox NFL Sunday cast mates. None of Jimmy’s cast mates will put him on the spot either. So the above question goes unasked.

Who will be the first to ask it of Jimmy? Will it ever be asked? That is the biggest question in all of sports today—will anyone ever be brave enough to ask Jimmy the above tough question? Based on the track records of the politically correct cowards inhabiting the sports journalism world of today, probably not.

Sports journalists of today are not all that courageous anymore. With five exceptions—Skip Bayless. Dana Jacobsen, Stephen A. Smith, Randy Galloway, and Craig James. Today’s sports journalists are cowed by their spineless editors as well as by the powerful sports owners and super-star players they supposedly cover. They fear for their jobs if they don't tow the company line, ask milquetoast questions, and walk on egg shells around those who have the power to black-ball them out of the journalism industry.

I'm sick of it. I've gotten to the point where I can no longer only criticize players. I’m going to start criticizing journalists who let powerful players get by with lies, misdeeds, and fan hatred. I am going to start criticizing cowardly journalists who only do what their corporate masters tell them to do from on high, and that is—don’t ask the tough questions.

It's pathetic, but, if you as a fan think that any real investigative sports journalism is ever going to take place now or in the future, I'm afraid you are going to be thoroughly disappointed (except for the five exceptions I’ve noted above). Today’s milquetoast sports journalists and their sports super star friends may fool some of the people some of the time, but, they will never fool all of the people all of the time. Especially intellects like me.

Today’s rich athletes, their mega rich ownership, and their lapdog media seem to be members of the same big, happy secret fraternal hornets’ nest organization where everyone on the inside are pals and where covering for each other and keeping the fandom herd at bay and in their slaughter pens is the norm. Much like how doctors and lawyers cover for each other against the unwashed masses even to the point of protecting their bad apple colleagues to the detriment of society as a whole. Another fraternity based on bilking money from the masses.

After all, we fandom are to be monetarily milked, lied to, tricked, hated, despised, cheated, physically attacked and otherwise kept out of the secret meetings in beautiful locales most cannot afford to even visit much less score a visitor’s pass into the inner sanctum where the self-coronated sports godling owners, players, and coaches decide how best to handle the ever louder drumbeats they hear emanating from a discontented fandom in far off forests full of inferior beings who do not matter, much like the inferior cow who died to give you your steak dinner tonight does not matter.

The grassroots fandoms no longer exist in the warped universes of the sports godlings.

We no longer exist to the NFL Commissioner or his minions, or to the ownerships of the other 31 NFL teams who continue to allow Jerry Jones and his nepotistic organization to wreak havoc upon the NFL’s most valuable franchise and fandom. We Cowboys fans have proven repeatedly that we will buy the homogenized, scripted garbage that passes for sports in Arlington Texas and whatever else the pro athletes, their ownership, and their media puppets sell us.

For if we Cowboys fans were the most valuable asset of this Jerry World franchise the NFL Commission, the collective NFL ownership and the entire sports world would hear our collective cries of disdain over Jerry’s endless mismanagement of our beloved Cowboys team and pry this Dallas Cowboys franchise ownership away from the Jones family.

In essence, even if we inside the Cowboys fandom fraternity really mattered to ourselves we would find a way to force the NFL and/or the entire sports world to transfer ownership of the Dallas Cowboys to someone else. Someone who cared more for the fans, players and coaches and less for receiving most of the credit for any glory that may be gained in the future.

However, alas, stupidity makes for good theater in todays dumbed down world. Moreover, this NFL Theater of Stupidity keeps the masses coming and giant pockets full. After all, cattle are not smart enough to know when they are being led off to the slaughterhouse.

Mr. Jones is Wiley Coyote....well off the edge of the cliff...still spinning and bs'ing and talking a lot but saying little of value. No solid ground is holding him up. The NFL recently woke up and panicked when it realized the replacement refs were seriously damaging the brand. GM Jones needs to find a way to quit hurting the team.

Jones wears all the hats, He will never have a Johnson or Parcells again.
He is the head coach in the booth and garrett is his offensive Coordinator period. He will never hire someone who will steal his glory period. The cowboys need to win inspite him.

Mediocrity..... the Cowboys have created an environment more reminisent of a group of guys drinking beer and playing flag football on Sundys than that of a dedicated NFL team. Jerry Jones loves the spotlight and has proven his judgement in the area of football leaves a lot to be desired. When a player makes a critical mistake and admit he is responsible, Jerry treats it more like a 5 year old telling dad he is sorry so that he can still play with his friends rather then having to go into time out.

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