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November 23, 2012

Dez Bryant says he didn't see hit coming on fumble in Redskins' 28-point second quarter

Dez Bryant said he didn’t see the hit coming that knocked the ball out of his hands in the second quarter. The fumble was part of the fuel that ignited a 28-point quarter for the Redskins on Thursday.

“I got hit under the chin on that big play,” the Cowboys receiver said. “I was really, really, really, really (mad), but I didn't see that guy coming. He made a good play. As I was getting ready to bring the ball in to secure it, he hit me underneath the chin.”

The turnover marred another strong game for Bryant, who finished with eight catches for 145 yards and two touchdowns. He had 12 catches for 145 yards and a touchdown in the previous game.

Bryant said he was hoping the officials would have caught the contact to his head. As it was, he was preparing himself for the hit.

“As I was bringing it in, I was expecting the contact and it just came out,” Bryant said. “He got his hand in, and it popped out. It didn't bring me down. I just knew that he got lucky on that play.”

Bryant said he is not discouraged in himself or the team, despite the loss that dropped the Cowboys to 5-6.

“The mindset is the same,” he said. “We're not going to quit. I think it's a special group. I know it's not showing by our record, but we're fighting hard. We were down 28 – to be honest, I didn't even know – we didn't blink. We knew that we had to fight, eliminate this little stuff. That's what we did. We just ran out of time.”

As for himself, Bryant said, “Like I said, I feel like I'm Dez. It's going to stay that way. We're going to continue to keep fighting and we're going to do our job.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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