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November 19, 2012

Horsecollar? What horsecollar?

The Cowboys complained about the horsecollar tackle that wasn't really a horsecollar at all.

Cowboys tight end John Phillips was penalized 15 yards for a horsecollar penalty late in the fourth quarter, which led to the Browns scoring a go-ahead touchdown on the next play. But replays showed that Phillips had pulled Josh Cribbs down by Cribbs' dreadlocks, which is legal.

"It sure looked like he pulled his hair," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "We had a pretty good view of it. It was right in front of us. But those guys have to make those judgment calls in a split second. So that is what it is."

The play is not a reviewable play, which is why the replay official never called for Ed Hoculi to go under the hood.

-- Charean Williams

Twitter: @NFLCharean


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