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November 05, 2012

Is Jason Garrett's future more in doubt now that Sean Payton's is too?

Is Jason Garrett now on the hot seat with Sean Payton a coaching free agent

How the Cowboys do from here on out puts coach Jason Garrett on the hot seat. (Hotter seat?) He is 16-16 as Cowboys coach since the midway point of 2010 when he took over for Wade Phillips.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he likes Garrett and the direction of the team under him. At least that's what he said before the game when he thought the Cowboys had a chance to beat the Falcons.

But he was reminded after the 19-13 to the Falcons that the Cowboys are 4-9 in the last 13 games under Garrett.

“I liked the direction when I said it. OK?” Jones said. “And so I’m just saying I don’t like our direction when we’re sitting here having lost tonight here. But I liked our direction when I said it before. That's how it could be. It had to do with the timing when I said I liked our direction.”

The focus on Garrett just got a little hotter with Saints coach Sean Payton, a favorite of Jones’, possibly a coaching free agent at the end of the season. Payton was a Cowboys’ assistant coach from 2003-05. He makes his home in Westlake.

Garret also is disappointed with the Cowboys at the midway point, but he said the team will stay together.

"We have to keep looking at ourselves to see what we are doing," Garrett said. "You have to stay together you have to go back to work. You can't worry about what happened before. You can’t worry about the future. You have to keep banging away. We have to find a way to do more.”

Or else.

The present and future is now at stake.

-- Clarence Hill 


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What about a COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE ON GM Jones and his "decision making." Would huge football clubs such as Man United FC Barcelona Real Madrid Bayern Munich The New England Patriots or even Pittsburgh Steelers be mis-managed anything Gus Jones has done at Dallas???? Would tehse teams appoing coaches on the basis that the coach is best for the Owner BUT worst for the football team???? NO NO NO!!!! SO WHY DO JOURNALISTS NOT PUT THESE QUESTIONS TO IDIOT GM JONES??? GM Jones - in stark contrast to te teams I mentioned above - does NOT WANT TO WIN!!! Instead that idiot is worried about managing his "ego" and his "pride". WHAT OTHER BIG NAME FOOTBALL CLUB WORLD WIDE IS RUN LIKE THIS???? WHO???

Bill Cowher is a head coaching free agent. Garrett should have been on the hot seat since the end of...last season.

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