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November 27, 2012

Jerry Jones blames 5-6 record not on injuries but on inconsistency

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said is surprised by the his team's disappointing record but doesn’t blame injuries.

He knows the league is tough but he thought they would be better than 5-6 through 11 games. Jones also didn’t blame the team's rash of injuries as the source of their problems. He blames an overall lack of consistency and put it on the players and coaches.

“I thought we'd be better than this, although I do realize the kind of competition we have in the league," Jones said on his weekly radio show on 105.3 the Fan KRLD-FM. “We got nine teams that are 5-6 or 6-5 in the NFL right now. I knew we were in a league that has a lot of competition, but I thought we would be better.”



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The REAL Question GM/Marketing Man/Egomaniac Jerald Wayne must answer is this: Do you REALLY WANT A SUCCESSFUL WELL COACHED FOOTBALL TEAM OR JUST A CHAOTIC RABBLE OF BUMBING INCOMPETENTS???? I bet Jerald Wayne wants the LATTER ONLY due to his oh so heart breaking experience with Jimmy Johnson a PROPER HEAD COACH. A corollary question is why does Jerald Wayne not behave like say the Crafts at New England?? After all Belichick & Brady could well be HEADED TO THEIR 6TH SUPER BOWL!!! In their case ego and personality clashes have NOT interfered in their never ending quest for football titles & record setting performances. Jerald Wayne/Marketing Man: why are YOU so idiotic and selfish in your attitude to success and the rights of fans to support a good well coached playing roster as Belichick has done FOR OVER 10 YEARS WITH THE CRAFTS??? Why GM/Owner/Marketing Man.... is this so???

If the fraud HC Garrett is returned then look for Dallas to be like the Eagles & San Diego this season. garrett should have been sacked weeks ago. Continual penalties, no running game, no motivation, poor turnover ratio and always trailing at home by big margins... GARRETT IS AN INCOMPETENT FRAUD. Its simple everyone... if Crocodile Face dares return this incompetent dumbo as Head Coach then the team will go 4-12 or 3-13 ... and Romo will be done.

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