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November 18, 2012

Jerry Jones credits Garrett, Ryan for halftime adjustments that 'worked like a charm'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones credited the coaching for helping turn around the victory against the Browns.

He said he saw first-hand at halftime how head coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan worked to counter the effects of Cleveland’s first half.

“I was here in the locker room at halftime, and I saw the way Rob really made serious adjustments in what we did defensively,” Jones said. “I know that you saw us. I saw us come out and quicken the throws with Romo and just made a difference. Really, this game for me was about the adjustments, about sticking in there, about figuring out a way that at the end to come out on top.”

Jones said he saw the game plan working like the Cowboys wanted it to, but when they weren’t making third-down conversions, he recognized that the Browns had a good plan, also.

“But I liked what we did today, coaching,” Jones said. “Didn’t depart from the game plan at halftime. Presented something to our players to go out there and have the second half that we had. I like that. That shows me. I think that was really top coaching. Of course, Jason, but Rob Ryan on the defensive side of the ball. They really made adjustments in here, specific adjustments, that worked like a charm for us out there today.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Actually, a "top coach" would have had a game plan that didn't need a lot of adjustments. A "top coach" might have had a game plan that actually scored some points in the first half. I "top coach" might have been able to put the games best pass rusher in the opponents backfield once or twice in the first half.

I know JJ can't say it in public, but when your QB has to change a third of the plays called by the coach because they won't work, that says something.

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