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November 22, 2012

RGIII leaves Jerry Jones in awe, says some of his plays were 'about as rare as anything I've seen'

The play of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III left Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in sheer wonderment.

“Really I was in awe,” Jones said after the Thanksgiving Day loss. “I was very disappointed, but I was in awe of RGIII. The plays that he was making, they made some great catches, they made some great plays. It was unbelievable the plays they were making.”

Jones said the Cowboys would have given themselves a chance to slow down the Griffin onslaught if they had made some first downs or avoided turnovers.

But when they gave the ball back to the Redskins in rapid succession, it was too much against Griffin and his receivers.

“Now, if I didn’t see at least three plays by that quarterback that were about as rare as anything I’ve seen – him make those plays that he made, both from the presence of mind of getting the ball out and the catches they made to make it go, to me, you certainly see how that happened,” Jones said. “And we never answered on offense. Those were quick scores, so even if it were taking you five or six plays, we had the interception and then we had Dez’s fumble. So we didn’t answer a hot hand.

“Now, would we have gone on in with Dez’s fumble? Would we have kicked a field goal? With the interception, what would have happened? I can see how – it’s unbelievable, but I can see how we can get 28 points put up against us because we weren’t going in and getting any and taking the time to get any ourselves. Those were quick strikes that quarterback hit us with.”

Jones said the Cowboys could have come back. But they didn’t do enough when they had the ball.

“You can win those games, but you have to answer and we didn’t answer and we didn’t get that going until the half,” he said. “There are a lot of Redskins that will have me sad tonight, and I mean the way they played. Hat’s off to them.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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