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November 19, 2012

Romo breaks down the touchdown to Dez, his own fumble moments later

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went into detail to describe two of the most visible moments of his game against the Browns – the 28-yard touchdown throw to Dez Bryant and the fumble moments later that gave the Browns the ball back.

On the touchdown pass to Bryant, Romo said:

“We called the play, and then as I was leaving the huddle, I gave him a little stutter move, told him to go, give his move, because we had thrown it underneath,” Romo said. “I think it was 24 (Sheldon Brown), if I can remember correctly. We had thrown it to that side a few times that drive in, and a couple others, to kind of get him to bite. So it was there. It was time to kind of give him something. Being in the red zone, they were going to climb down a little bit. He did a good job. He got on top. He didn’t go by like he did on a couple of the other plays.

“I gave him the ball where he could – the way that 24 plays it is, he likes to keep his back inside, to the quarterback, so he doesn’t get a chance to see the ball a lot. And when he does that, you can throw the ball where Dez can just kind of inside-catch it, if that makes sense, instead of trying to always lead it high and around to the outside. So I tried to give him a chance inside with it. He went up and got it.”

On the fumble, Romo said he was thinking ahead to throwing the football away.

“I really was thinking after Dez came inside, he’s got a double move on the play, and he gets washed down inside, and there was no throwaway, if that makes sense,” Romo said. “It  would be intentional grounding to throw it to the left there. I feel the pressure and I work right to really try and get the ball outside, over the guy’s head, or whatever I can do. In the process of doing that, you know, I obviously need to hold on to the ball and  not let the guy come from behind and let the ball come out. Obviously we’re fortunate. We ended up having to go score, but that one could have been a big deal.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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