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November 23, 2012

Romo says officials were late with first-down call when he ran his quarterback sneak

Quarterback Tony Romo said he ran a sneak on first down because he thought it was third down.

He said he wasn’t told it was first down.

“It was a pretty nice spot they gave us, I think, on that one,” he said. “I wish they would have told us as we were getting up there. They were pretty late with the whole process.”

He joked: “It added to our rushing total.”

It didn’t amuse coach Jason Garrett too much at the time. The camera caught him apparently saying, “C’mon, now,” on the sideline.

The Cowboys are not a big quarterback sneak team. Romo ran in a touchdown on a similar play last year against Tampa Bay, and Garrett said at the time that Romo has some discretion for that kind of play.

-- Carlos Mendez

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Romo is trying to worm his way out just admitting he along with his head coach once again showed their inability to handle pressure situations. You are looking parallel to the down markers and also looking at where the officials were spotting the ball..and you couldn't tell if it was a first down or not? Yea..right!

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