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November 26, 2012

Stephen Jones: The Cowboys have just as good a chance as anybody of making the playoffs.

Vice-president Stephen Jones is admittedly frustrated with the Cowboys 5-6 record. But he has yet to give up on the season. He said reaching the playoffs is still the mindset at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch training complex.
He believes the Cowboys have just as good a chance as anybody else to get there.
"We are just a game out of the wildcard, two games out of the division lead," Jones said. "We are going to fight and play hard. We have played a lot of these good teams. I  feel like on any given Sunday we can play with them."
Jones is basing his hopes on the Cowboys getting healthier and the breaks finally falling their way.
"It's frustrating we don't have a better record," Jones said. "But a lot of things come into play. We are going to continue to work hard. We are going to continue to get better as a team. At some point, I uspect some of the breaks will go our way. Usually, you hoping you get healthier. I think we got a chance to get some key guys back whether it is DeMarco Murray. He has a big chance to help our running game. Our offensive line has been banged up. Hopefully as guys get back healthy they get back to playing the positions that we wanted them to play. Those are the things that you look for. I think we can do that."

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What is he talking about with Demarco Murray coming back to help the run game? Has he went back and looked at the stats for the run game WITH Murray? After game 1, the stats are putrid. Son like father, neither one is qualified to be running a team- or commenting on one for that matter. What a disgrace this organization is.

Three out of five games he did nothing:
12 carries for 44 yds
18 carries for 38 yds
11 carries for 24 yds

And this is what the VP of the team is hoping for? It is embarrassing to be a fan of this team.

With the Vikings..Saints..Bucs..and..Seahawks all losing yesterday. Stephen is right. The Cowboys are still in the mix for a playoff spot. Who would have thunk this?

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