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November 29, 2012

Tony Romo is one touchdown pass from the team record


Tony Romo’s next touchdown pass will be a first. It will put him in sole possession of the team record for career passing touchdowns.

He currently is tied with Hall of Famer Troy Aikman at 165.

“Anybody that knows me knows it’s about winning,” Romo said Thursday. “I hadn’t even heard about that stat until you said it right now, so we just need to win football games.”

At the same time, Romo is honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Aikman. Romo is second in career attempts (3,048) behind Aikman (4,715), second in career completions (1,974) to Aikman (2,898) and second in career passing yards (24,191) to Aikman (32,942). Barring the unforeseen, Romo should hold all of the team’s passing records by the end of his career in Dallas.

“Troy’s played the quarterback position as well as anybody who’s played that position, and I just think it’s a testament to how well him and his teams did,” Romo said. “He’s obviously set the bar very high for everybody who comes not just around here, but for any player in the league.”

-- Charean Williams


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Romo says he wasn't aware that he was tied with Troy for the Cowboys record in passing TD's and didn't know about it until today. What a bunch of crock from Romo. This guy must think we just got off the boat.

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