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November 13, 2012

Tony Romo shows up at Salvation Army charity event, serves up rolls, laughs for kitchen staff

Jason Witten shows up at the Salvation Army every year to serve an early Thanksgiving lunch.

Tuesday, he brought his buddy with him.

Quarterback Tony Romo was one of the 12 Cowboys players who worked the food line and brought plates out to the clients at the Salvation Army’s Collins Social Services Center in Dallas. It’s part of the kickoff to the team’s annual Thanksgiving holiday drive for the charity.

Romo doesn’t make a lot of public appearances, so it was a treat for the lunchtime crowd and the hosts. The Salvation Army staffer who introduced him – who said she has been a Cowboys fan since she was 10 years old despite growing up in Washington, D.C. – couldn’t resist calling him over and saying, to cheers, “This is the first time I’ve met Tony Romo. I’m standing by Tony Romo!”

Witten got a grin out of the scene.

“He does a good job of seeing those fans, and obviously, they have words of encouragement or, sometimes, advice – for all of us, and especially the quarterback,” Witten said, drawing a laugh from reporters. “He does a great job of handling all of that.”

Witten said parenthood has affected Romo’s outlook.

“Being a father himself and a family guy, it does provide a perspective,” he said. “It’s unbelievable how good his motives are. He just wants to spend time with them and stay away from all the other stuff. Really, that’s what it’s all about, to come here and get the impact, more than anything else.”

Romo stayed in the kitchen for the most part, but he took charge there, too. He put Miles Austin on dressing. He put himself on rolls.

“He was on the rolls, but you know what? It was a little hot back there,” Witten said. “He did provide some entertainment for the staff. Those are the stories those people will be able to tell for a long time, getting to work with Tony in the back. He didn’t quite have it mastered like they did, for sure.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Hey Tony please serve me up a lovely herb soy sausage and sauce. Sure beats a slaughter house hot [pig] dog any day.

Did Romo serve up "rolls" or "turnovers"? Come on, someone had to say it. Nice job by the players to give back to the community. Its always a good idea for them to show their 'human' side. Far too often, we only get to identify with players by what they do on the field. Nice job by all.

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