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November 19, 2012

With Free, Garrett says, 'It's a technical thing, it's a demeanor thing."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said demeanor is part of the reason behind Doug Free’s struggles at right tackle. He has to have a little more “bite” to his game.

“Oftentimes up there, it can be a dogfight,” Garrett said. “So you’ve got to play with that demeanor where you’re going to bite the guy a little bit and be firm and not let him push you back into the quarterback. At times, Doug did a good job of that. At other times, he didn’t.”

Garrett has talked before about how Free has to be firmer.

“It’s a technical thing. It’s a demeanor thing,” Garrett said. “He just has to keep working on it and doing a better job, and that’s really across the board up front, and that’s really throughout our football team.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Garrett, Gone. A failure as a leader. Can't instill the slightest bit of discipline. It is obvious that the players have little respect and not the slightest bit of fear of him. A total failure as a game time manager. Deer in the headlights. Ryan, Gone. Likes to talk about being a head coach and can't even do his own job. Couldn't get his best player (Ware) involved in yesterdays fiasco. Too much good talent at linebacker and corner to get dominated by a two bit offense like the Browns. Get lost chump.
Holmgren Yes. Please.
Ware appears to lack heart. See him laughing and joking with opponents way to much. Seems to care about sacks only. Trade him.
Orlandro Skandrick is the worst player on the team. Whatever it takes, he has to be gone.
Miles Austin, what a disappointment. Got the money and disappeared. He needs to turn it on or he is expendable too.
Bottom line: The team STILL needs discipline, accountability, and leadership.
The Giants showed last season that with a team with decent talent and a disciplinarian leader, anything can happen in the NFL.
Jerry Jones just can't grasp the obvious. Or maybe he does and is just to old to care.
He seems to like the way things are. The circus. The stadium. The carnival atmosphere.
Those are his priority. Not winning championships.
And we the fans are the losers.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/11/18/4424421/no-progress-for-cowboys-but-a.html#storylink=cpy

It's an 'aint-no-good-at-RT thing, Jason.

Garrett talks like Free never played OL. He didn't wiff like this at LT. At the bye week - and still now - Garrett needed to admit defeat for the move and revert to last year's tackle positions of Free LT / Smith RT.

Yes, Smith is going to LT. It failed for this year with how bad Free is on the right side. Switch it back so Romo isn't carried off in a pine box, then axe Free in the offseason and get a legit RT in here.

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