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December 06, 2012

Carr says it's good for Claiborne to 'take his bumps and bruises' against best receivers, like Bengals' Green

The Cowboys aren’t going to worry about switching sides with Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr to cover Bengals receiver A.J. Green.

They’re going to let Claiborne go at him if he’s lined up on that side of the field. Might as well let the rookie learn.

“We got 24 over there,” Carr said. “He has confidence in himself. The coaches have confidence in him for us to continue to play left and right. We are just going to play our sides, and whoever we get is whoever we get.”

Carr said it will be a good experience for Claiborne to take on one of the league’s most dangerous and productive receivers, although the Cowboys have switched in other games.

“We started off with the whole matching up thing for a long time,” Carr said. “But as he has gotten his confidence, I want you to go out there and take the best receivers as well, take your bumps and bruises and make plays. It has worked both ways for us.”

Carr said he doesn’t mind playing either side or another position, like safety.

“I try to do the best in whatever position they put me in,” he said. “I told them that going into it. You have the confidence you can put me all over the field . It’s up to me to make you look good. Considering the circumstances and moving around and the different faces every time we play on Sunday, it’s been up and down year. We are still learning each other and the chemistry and stuff. Its been an ongoing process.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Brandon Carr had better worry about himself, he has stunk out the joint the past few weeks. He has been putrid.

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