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December 16, 2012

Carr says on interception, he knew what Steelers OC Todd Haley, his old coach, was going to try to do

Brandon Carr said he knew what the Steelers were going to try to do in overtime. He knew because he knew Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, his former head coach at Kansas City.

 “I kind of figured that play would be coming at me at some point in the game,” he said. “Good thing it came at that time. I’d been with Coach Haley for three years now, to finally get out there and play against him in an actual game, some of his tendencies held true.”

On the second play of overtime, a second-and-3 from the Pittsburgh 27, Carr jumped a pass intended for Mike Wallace on the sideline and intercepted it, returning it to the 1-yard line to set up Dan Bailey’s winning field goal.

“I know how he’s going to attack me, just from coaching me up as my head coach,” Carr said. “It was fun to try to play to my weaknesses and make them my strengths today.”

Carr described what he saw and how it happened:

“They put us in a coverage where I could have vision and read the quarterback,” Carr said. “I saw he got to the top of his drop and delivered his ball, and I made a run for it. He threw it behind him, and I laid out for it and caught it. Ben is a big quarterback, so it’s not hard to miss him in the pocket.”

Roethlisberger blamed himself for not putting the ball far enough outside.

“We called a good play. We just didn’t execute it,” he said. “That’s the first time that guy backed off Mike, and called the out route for him. I just didn’t put enough on it to the outside far enough, and he made a good play.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was glad Carr had the aggressiveness to go for the ball.

“You can’t be afraid to jump and make a play like that,” Garrett said. “Brandon is an outstanding football player, and I think he has confidence enough to make that play.”

The interception wowed his teammates.

“That was the best pick I’ve seen ever, I think,” linebacker Anthony Spencer said. “If you watch it on film, I’m just standing there like, ‘Did he just pick that? Oh, he’s running the ball.’ I’m just standing there the whole time.”

Quarterback Tony Romo’s reaction?

“Just pure joy, more than anything.”


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