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December 10, 2012

Cowboys were so numb, big plays didn't fire them up like normal, Garrett says

The Cowboys had such a feeling of numbness, they could hardly cheer big plays in their win against the Bengals on Sunday.

Coach Jason Garrett said everyone was so focused on their football jobs, they had a different kind of emotion during the game.

“Everyone handles these kinds of situations differently,” Garrett said. “But I will say this: I think there was an overall numbness to everybody that existed. Football is an emotional game, and guys before the game are fired up. A great play happens, and they’re fired up. I don’t know that we had that.

“I just think we had guys who were focused on, ‘OK, Somehow I’ve got to process this and focus on what my job is.’ And then do it again and again and again. There was a ton of emotion that everybody had. And the challenge was to somehow, some way, focus it and channel it to what we had to do for three hours.”

Garrett said he was proud of the team for remembering its game-day routine and getting through the game, which under normal circumstances would have required a lot.

“Somehow, some way they figured it out,” he said. “They got themselves through warm-up. And then you go play this game. And now we’re down at halftime. And we’ve got to dig deep down, one more time. And the defense has to get stops. Now, the offense has to go score some points at the end. And all of that. And the whole flood of emotion that happens after a game like that. At different times, it was challenging. To talk to them before the game, to keep them focused. But also let them know that emotion’s OK. And at halftime to let them know … these 30 minutes are important.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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