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December 10, 2012

Cowboys will look into who was with Brent, Brown on Friday night

The Cowboys will put off for a few days the work of investigating how many, if any, other players were with Josh Brent and Jerry Brown on Friday night and if any believed that Brent was incapable of driving.

“We’re not into that process right now,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We’re a couple of days away from that. I think we’re all kind of trying to get our arms around what happened. We’re all trying to be very respectful to Jerry’s family and certainly to Josh’s situation and really just trying to get through today. That’s where we are.”

Asked when the team will begin gathering that information, Garrett said, “Oh, at some point, I’m sure we will get to the details of that. But we are certainly not at that point right now.”

Garrett declined to talk about whether the team can or would try to ban the players from going out the night before a road trip or from certain places.

“Again, I don’t want to get into the details of that, as a team policy or as a league policy regarding that,” he said.

-- Carlos Mendez

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I don't think there is much Jerry or Garrett can do about where players go 48 hours before a game whether that next game is home or away. The players just have to try and be more responsible.

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