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December 04, 2012

DeMarco Murray thought he might miss the rest of the season

DeMarco Murray said it did cross his mind that he wouldn’t play again this year because it took him much longer than he expected to get over his sprained foot.

“Yeah, there was,” the Cowboys running back said Tuesday on KRLD 105.3 FM “The Fan” of the thought of not coming back. “After four or five weeks, I’m sitting there – it was feeling better after the first and second week, and after the third and fourth week, it kind of was at a stalemate. It felt the same.

“This past week is where I really turned the corner and it felt better. It was definitely a hard deal. It was something that I had to give time to heal.”

Murray missed six games since hurting the foot in the first half at Baltimore on Oct. 14.

Murray said he missed four weeks more than he thought he would.

“I didn’t think I would miss but a week or two at the most,” he said. “After four or five weeks, the sixth week, it was hard. It was a very frustrating deal. Tried to stay positive and keep my head in the Bible and continue to strive to get better.”

Murray came back on Sunday against Philadelphia and carried 23 times and caught four passes.

Asked by the show hosts how he was feeling and what part of his body hurt most after the 27 touches on Sunday, Murray said, “Just my entire body after not feeling contact for six weeks. Feels like you’ve been in a car crash. It’s a good feeling, though. I actually like it, as weird as that sounds.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Murray is THE KEY to having any shot at winning the East. The only way to qualify for the tournament is to win the East. The only way this could occur is if the RUNNING GAMES BECOMES A REGULAR FACTOR. that includes hand offs, screens, dunk off passes over the middle and passes tossed to the outside for cartch & run. Romo looks so much more relaxed and concentarted when the RUNNING GAME IS A FACTOR. Its thus a no brainer: Running Game = easier Opportunities for Romo Witten & Dez to attack opponents. This translates to a string of wins.

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