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December 31, 2012

Garrett explains the Romo interceptions

Jason Garrett said Tony Romo played well in the big games that got the Cowboys to the point that they could play for the division title, and that the pressure of the game didn’t get to him.

Garrett explained that the three interceptions Romo threw on Sunday night had simple causes.

“We had a near miss on a hot to Kevin Ogletree – the ball was a little high,” Garrett said. “I think it sailed on Tony a little bit. I don’t think he had a great, clear view of where Kevin was. ... And then on the next drive, we took a shot downfield against their corner, who bailed out of there, and Tony left the ball on the side a little bit on a throw to Miles, and Miles didn’t do a good enough job knocking the ball out.”

He said the final interception was a good play by linebacker Rob Jackson, who unexpectedly stayed in coverage on DeMarco Murray.

“I think he made a good play, he made a very good play on the ball, and Tony didn’t get the ball out there quite enough,” Garrett said. “So you can try and put a lot of different spins on it, but I think what you have to do more than anything else is simply try to analyze what happened on those three plays, and that’s the explanation. And one of the things you can say, were the emotions too big? I don’t think so. Did one snowball into the next? I really don’t think so.

“I thought his demeanor throughout the ball game was good. He settled down. We got going again, and then at that critical moment in the ball game, they made a good play, and we didn’t make that play.”

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