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December 24, 2012

Garrett says winning Super Bowl isn't the only way to call a season successful, but it's everyone's goal

The Cowboys have a chance to get in the playoffs and, from there, aim for the Super Bowl.

But winning the Super Bowl is not the only way to say a season was successful, coach Jason Garrett said.

“No, I am not one that believes that,” he said Monday at his press conference at Valley Ranch, asked if he believes the only successful season is one that ends with a Super Bowl victory. “So many different teams are in so many different places when they start the season, and you want to maximize the opportunity that you have, and certainly we all have the goal starting off to win the Super Bowl. That’s everybody’s goal. You wouldn’t be in this league if you didn’t have that goal.

“But I think there are a lot of different ways to measure success in football and in life. Bottom line is one of them, certainly. But there are a lot of other ways to do it.”

Garrett again talked about how he introduces the idea of the Super Bowl to the players in the offseason.

“First day of OTAs, I stood there and I said, ‘Picture yourself holding the Super Bowl trophy over your head.’ That’s the first thing out of my mouth,” Garrett said. “ ‘OK? So put that in the forefront of your mind. Really feel that. Feel that experience. Where we all want to go.’

“Then, you say, ‘OK, take that and put it in the back of your mind. Now what you need to do is focus on today. Focus on this Wednesday practice.’ That’s the mindset. They hear that from me a lot. This is where we want to go. This is where everybody wants to go. This is why we’re doing all this stuff. Now, we have to get back right here. Let’s get back to focusing on what we need to do today to advance ourselves to that goal.

“It’s a pretty simple philosophy.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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