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December 16, 2012

Hatcher says 'God's work' might be the only way to explain how Cowboys are winning

Defensive end Jason Hatcher is a spiritual person. He says God’s work is perhaps the only way to explain how the Cowboys are winning despite missing so many key players.

“You can’t explain it, man. You can’t explain it,” he said after Sunday’s victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. “It’s God working, man. Believe it or not. It’s God working. We all know how God works. It’s destiny. I don’t know where this team is going, but I know it’s going somewhere. And I know this team is going to be great. That’s all I can tell you. No one understands it. No one ever will. But I will tell you this: This is God’s work.”

The spiritual Hatcher had to laugh as he listened to himself talk, and he seemed to understand what the reporters around him might have been thinking.

“I know you don’t want to hear this in an interview. I know you want to hear, ‘Oh, we’re so good, we’re this and that,’ ” he said. “But if you look at our season, what we overcame, six guys (out) on defense, and you wonder how we pull off wins? Think about it. I know it ain’t what you want to hear. It’s something special. It’s God’s work. You let God work, He will.”

The Cowboys on Sunday played without starting linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, starting defensive end Kenyon Coleman, starting nose tackle Jay Ratliff and backup Josh Brent, starting safety Barry Church, starting cornerback Morris Claiborne and slot cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

“I know I’m sounding like a preacher, but I believe it’s God’s work,” Hatcher said. “It’s a great feeling, man. It makes you want to go to work every day because you know it’s something destined about this team. You don’t know what it is. it’s weird. You don’t know what it is. I’m excited, man. I got goose bumps now. I’m just going to get back and let God work.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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