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December 31, 2012

Jason Garrett has no plans to give up play calling, nixes talk of adding Norv Turner as OC

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was admittedly spread thin this season as head coach and offensive coordinator because the so many adversities his team had to face _ from the litany of injuries on defense to the tragic death of practice-squad linebacker Jerry Brown.

But he doesn’t think the jobs were too much for him _ certainly not enough to give up his role as offensive coordinator and possibly hire fired Chargers coach Norv Turner to call plays.

“I would certainly anticipate the status quo from that standpoint,” Garrett said.

Garrett said he respects Turner a great deal but believes it's best for the Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo to keep the continuity the same on the offensive side of the ball.

“I do think, you know, so much of playing good offensive football has to do with your quarterback,” Garrett said. “We’re in a system right now, in a way we do things, that Tony Romo is very comfortable in, and he’s played really, really good football for the last part of this season. And unfortunately, it was disappointing for all of us last night. It didn’t end the way we wanted it to. But having said that, if you step back, he’s played very well for us, and he’s played well for us for the last four or five years. We have to recognize that. We have to try to help him be in the best situation that he can be in going forward. Now it’s not all about him. It’s about our whole offense and about our whole football team. I understand that. But he’s a big part of it.”

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Are you kidding me? Seven head coaches were fired today along with four GM's. Why is Garrett still here?

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