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December 09, 2012

Jerry Jones: Cowboys can honor Jerry Brown by playing well

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed Saturday's tragedy during Fox's pregame show:
Q: Jerry, you have been with your team every step of the way as every layer of this tragedy has unfolded. How would you describe the emotions right now of this team?
"Well for the last few hours our focus has been on Jerry Brown. Our team loved him. They certainly are conscious of him and want his family to know and have as much of them as they can give. At the same time, they know that one of the best things they can do for him and his memory is to come to the game today, is go out and play well."
Q: Jason Garrett told the team last night that this, football is not life and death, but there is a very important game to be played today. How do you focus the team? How did Jason put them in that direction?
"First of all we all know, but we remind ourselves that there is something more important than football, and this is life, and certainly the lost life of Jerry. On the other hand, they know the best way they can honor Jerry, because he was such a hard worker, so conscientious and enthusiastic about his career. The best thing they can do for him is go out and play the way he would have liked to have seen them play and a team that he would have wanted to be a part of."
Q: You know this team, how do you hope or think they will respond in light of this tragedy?
"Well first of all, I think that our team is grieving, and they know that. They also know that they can handle that better if they will go out and do their work and do it to the top of their abilities. So it is a way for them to respond and to some degree, I am sure that many of them are proud that they have this to do this afternoon."
-- Charean Williams


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