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December 30, 2012

Jerry Jones says Cowboys now have to think about how to catch 'impressive, formidable' Redskins

Last year, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys chased the New York Giants.

Now they have to measure up against the Washington Redskins.

“I’m impressed with how the Redskins are put together across the board,” Jones said in the post-game locker room Sunday night following the Cowboys’ 28-18 loss to the Redskins. “They’re going to be formidable as we look, as the Cowboys look, to the future. We have to look where we are within our division, and we’ll look and see just exactly how to approach a team that has some of the players that they’ve got and the good coaching they’ve got.

“We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us. They’re, of course, in the tournament. We’re getting to sit at home and start thinking about how to get into the tournament. This is very disappointing. We have players that also have fought hard, fought hard all year. But it did not get it done. One of my jobs is to basically evaluate and analyze and make decisions in the off-season that can help us be in better shape when we’re standing here going into ...”

Jones, asked how close he believes the Cowboys are, said, “I think we’re about what we saw tonight, about what our record was. ... We’re in a league that’s playing it pretty close for the most part. As far as I’m concerned, we’re as far away as you can measure because we’re at home and not in the tournament.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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