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December 11, 2012

Jones says confrontation between him, Ratliff after Philadelphia game is 'the way things work sometimes'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed a confrontation with nose tackle Jay Ratliff in the locker room after the Philadelphia game Dec. 2.

“Well, you’ve heard it said that what goes on in there stays in there,” he said. “It didn’t.”

Speaking on his weekly radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM “The Fan,” Jones said Tuesday morning that Ratliff is an emotional player and competitiveness got the best of both of them.

“We let the emotion of the game that other day get to us,” Jones said. “That’s the way things work sometimes.”

KRLD reported last week that Jones said something to Ratliff about the Cowboys needing him and that Ratliff, who has missed more than half the season with injury and still is sidelined with a groin injury, reacted in defiance.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said Monday that the incident was in the past and no big deal.

Coach Jason Garrett said at his Monday press conference, “I don’t want to get into any specifics about a situation like that. I do know this, Jay Ratliff loves to play football. He loves to be out there. He loves to compete. I think he loves his teammates and this team. And if he was able to play, he’d be out there playing.”

Asked if Ratliff was disciplined in relation to the confrontation, Garrett said, “Absolutely not.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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For once I agree 101% with what Crocodile Face GM/Owner said to Ratliff. And ratliff... brother the team does NEED YOU!!! Troops are way down and falling. Dez [lord forbid] may not play. Now sure Crocodile Face has been a poor GM over time for certain. But RIGHT NOW against Ben Hamberger and the Steelers the team NEEDS YOU RATLFF. Strap up the injury and follow Hatcher Ware and Spencer playing CROOK but PLAYING HARD!!!

Jerry gets what he's asking for by confronting these players. Once again he undermines his coach and players and oversteps his bounds as an owner. He's lucky he didn't get punk-slapped! I'm surprised more players won't step up and tell Jerry to quit his GM job. All we get from Jerry is his "make no mistake about it" nonsense. What an awful embarrassment.

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