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December 05, 2012

Newman admires Romo's knowledge of the game, is proud of Bryant for fighting off criticism (like him)

Terence Newman gets a chance to face his old team for the first time this week when the Bengals host the Cowboys. Newman says it’ll be just another game for him.

But he will get a chance to put his skills to work against two players he knows well – quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Dez Bryant.

“It will be different,” Newman said Wednesday during a conference call with Dallas media. “Got to see him, of course, extensively in practice and got to admire some of the things that he’s done as a football player – how he leads the offense and the knowledge that he has for the game. It will be interesting to see it from a different perspective, so to speak, and just try to help with some of my knowledge of his tendencies and what-not with the guys here.”

Newman said he is proud of Dez Bryant’s development as a receiver.

“He’s still making plays, which I saw in practice, so he looks like he’s understanding the game a little more,” Newman said. “It’s slowing down for him. It looks like he worked on his route running a little bit, and of course he’s always had hands and been a guy who could go up and get the football, so he poses a problem to pretty much any defense, obviously.

“But he’s played pretty spectacularly the last couple of weeks. I’m proud of the guy. He’s taken a lot of criticism like I have and he’s fought through it and fought his butt off and made himself better.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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T-New sucks... I want to BELT him on Sunday. he is weak and a hopeless football player. Further, Balmain will NOT make the playoffs as both Baltimore & Pittsburgh are divisional roadblocks they can not overcome. Newman... You suck & so too does your cousin CrookMan!!!

Garrett and Romo should target Newman early and often. Get Dez the ball...

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