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December 06, 2012

Newman wanted to be cut in person, which he was, but disappointed he didn't see Jerry on the way out

Terence Newman said he continued to come to Valley Ranch to work out after the season last year so the Cowboys could cut him in person, “not with a phone call.”

Which is what happened. He was working out when he was cut. He was not surprised. But he did have one disappointment.

“I didn’t get to see Jerry on my way out. But it is what it is,” he said.

Newman will surely get a chance to see Jones on Sunday when the Bengals host the Cowboys. For the first time, Newman is playing for an owner other than Jones. But he said Bengals owner Mike Brown is like Jones in some ways.

“I see him every day but it’s from afar, which was pretty much the same with Jerry,” Newman said. “They’re both at practice. Mike is at practice every day. Jerry would come out to practice, but he was pretty hands off out there, just watching his team perform and try to get better. There’s not a whole lot, I guess, an owner can do on the field unless they are super hands-on as far as what schemes are run and ins and outs of football, I guess.”

Newman said he hasn’t stopped to look back at his career.

“That’s the honest answer – I really haven’t,” he said.  Things kind of happened, and I just focused on what I can do and not on the things I could’ve done. It kind of makes no sense. I think when my career is done, I will look back and say – of course a lot of people say I wish I would’ve done this better or done that better, but at the end of the day I’m where I’m supposed to be, obviously, and I’m content with it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Who does Newman think he is? Mel Blount? Newman was a disgrace the last few years in Dallas. Yet another guy that should've been cut 2 years earlier.

Newman should be content. Jerry paid this guy mega-millions of dollars to be a shut down corner. He never came close to that mantle.

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